Changing an iso file?

Is it possible to change an iso file into another file to be played on pc so i can watch movie?


Is this an ISO of a movie?

yes, let me know if I left out any info that could help of what I am doing.

You could try isobuster to extract the movie files from the iso or use a virtual drive an mount the iso there or simply burn it…

Yep Daemon tools would allow you to mount the image on a virtual CD/DVD device to then play the file. Or you could get MagicISO or Ultra ISO to extract the ISO to your harddrive and then have direct access to the files in the image.

Most ISO programs that are free will only allow extractions of files that are a certain size. DVD sized files would be too big for the free versions of these programs and would require purchasing for unlimited use. I know MagicISO and UltraISO are like this.