Changing an AT power supply unit

Lately, I’ve received an AT-standarized computer. Unfortunately, after trying to run it, I’ve found it impossible. The cause is the power supply - it can give me a mere 110W, while (according to one of these calculators) I need at least 185W.

So, I decided to buy one, with 200W. The only problem I have is replacing it. The “turn on” cable, which goes out of the PSU, is attached to the “turn on” switch in a way that I can’t figure out. Have you got any clue how to undo it?

Any responses welcome.


might be a screw or it may just need pulling, take the front of the case off if you can for a better look

Figured it out, thanks. The front panel needs to be taken off and there are two screws near the “turn on” switch. After removing them, the whole cable is good to go.