Changing a UDF file to play on XP

Does anyone know what free program I can use to change a movie made with wmp on vista of a 30 year anniversary to a file type which will play on XP wmp ver 10, Thanks in advance :bow::bow:

The movie was made with Windows Media Player in Vista?! :confused:

Examine the file with MediaInfo using the Tree view, then tell us what codecs are used for the video and audio. You can copy and paste all the specifications here if you like.

Yes it was made with movie maker in vista and my wmp 11 says it can’t play those files no can any other dvd player program I have, vlc, power dvd & unlead dvd player, ok will do

Ah, Windows Movie Maker is different from Windows Media Player. WMM exports video in two formats, either .wmv or DV avi. If they ran it through Windows DVD Maker afterwards, it would convert that to dvd-video.

Any version of Windows Media Player should be able to handle .wmv. DV avi should also present no problems for VLC. Are you sure the file is uncorrupted?

I’d still like to see what MediaInfo or Gspot say about the file.

all it shows is the name and how long it is, strange also I had wmp10 it said it was a udf file and wouldn’t play it so I upgraded to wmp11 and it still wouldn’t play it

Guess maybe when SJ gets back on from installing win7 I’ll send to him and see if he can get it to play

@Jimbo what it the file extension on the file?

WMP 10 said it was UDF but now I can’t find out with Mediainfo or WMP 11 as I upgraded to see if it would play

If I understand the file extension is .UDF ?
Not .AVI or .WMV .etc ?
I have Vista & Movie Maker ,WMP 11. I seldom use MM but I gave a .wmv file I had a try & it just turned that file into another .wmv.
I am trying to duplicate the file type you made with MM but I don’t see any option that would end with a .UDF file.

Thats OK my friend, thanks for all your help, I think I’ll email my wife’s nephew and ask him if he can play it as now I think it is corrupt somehow and have him try to redo it somehow

OK if you still have no luck post again .Glad to see if I can help.

Thanks for trying cholla, I owe you

You’re welcome Jimbo.
I would like to know if you find out what the problem is.Just in case I run into it sometime.
Is it possible the file is a “Save Project As …” file?
something like this: Untitled.MSWMM
Probably not but thought I would suggest it.

I ran MediaInfo and GSpot on it and it doesn’t show any file types as a matter of fact they don’t show anything except the length so I asked him to check it out on his end and to redo it, thanks once again