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Here are the changes from Nero Burning Rom version to version Better late than never

Bug fixes:

Problems with USB Floppy as source for bootable CD solved


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Still get illegal operations all the time.

The111 there are also people who make legit backups.

I’m still waiting for them to bring back the ability for non-Administrators to run it under NT/2K

RDJ134: I’m sure the111 meant the Windoze ‘Illegal operation’ error message and not illegal CD duplication… Just thought I’d clear that up… :7

Nero still rules :smiley:

Smog: Thanks for clearing that up. :wink:

You can’t ‘get’ illegal copying - its active, you have to ‘do’ it - so I think my original meaning was clear.

nero is the best CDR software i’ve ever used. nothing comes close. if they could just make it handle a psx cd.

I’ve copied psx games(non-protected) in, i don’t know if 5.5 copies them.

Of course it does… everyone backs up PS cds with Nero.