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Here are the changes from Nero Burning Rom version to version Better late than never

Bug fixes:

The verify function…

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they 'd better fix the DSOD in winME

I thought that the BSOD only occured when upgrading over an existing version of Nero… But I may be wrong! :slight_smile:

Anyone know how to get nero to default to a 0 second gap when blowing a Audio CD this is the only Feature that pisses me off about Nero Otherwise It Rocks!! :4

dribbler if you mean mp3, click on your second track,right mouse click,select properties,change 2sec gap with 0, apply, bobs your uncle

Cheers for reply, i know how to set the gap just wish i could get it to default to o seconds instead of having to change it every time bit of a pint in the ass :frowning:

You can select all the tracks and set the gap to 0 seconds. I don’t know how to set it as default.

Does anyone know if this version of Nero 5.5.x will read in the ID3 version 2.0 tags of MP3s? All the Nero 5.0.x versions read in the version 2.0 tags without any problems. However, every version of Nero 5.5.x that I’ve tryed will only read in ID3 version 1.1 tags and not read in version 2.0 tags. I wrote an email to Ahead and asked them like 2 months ago and still never got a response. If anyone knows why it won’t read in version 2.0 tags, and possibly how to enable it, please let me know. Thanks!

Dribbler69: Just highlight all the tracks (click on the first, hold shift, click on the lst) and right click and then just enter 0 instead of 2 in seconds field

I thought DAO also wont burn the 2 sec. gaps between tracks?