Changeover to HDTV painful and slow in some continents

I just posted the article Changeover to HDTV painful and slow in some continents.

According to president of the George Waters,
president of the International Academy of Broadcasting at the Nederlands
Displayforum, consumers are getting more conscious about TV picture…

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I live in the US and recently visited Europe, The quality difference between ntsc and PAL is intangible.

I have an HDTV (US) and you only see the difference on HD broadcasts or DVD progressive scan via compent input. It handles both PAL and NTSC OK but those are very low quality to begin with compared to HDTV. Personally I wouldn’t rush out and buy one, the industry started a rumor that the gov. wants everyone to change to HDTV by 2004, now they changed the rumor to 2006…sadly it isn’t true at all, it is a rumor stated by the HDTV industry.:frowning:

The avergae person (in Europe and the US) doesn’t have the income to afford HDTV anyway and until the prices get down to “resonable” levels then it will never take off. At the moment it’s for people with the cash or those with an interest who will spend vast amounts on TV-DVD etc, most people are happy with a 28-32" widescreen TV or less and until it gets to Dizons for £ 700 or less then it will be a fringe pusuit for many.