Changeing write strategies on different media

Hi all kind of a silly question. I’ve been useing omnipatcher with write strat and tweaks for ricohjpr01 so I can burn this media at 8x. I want to use up some ritek g04’s I have. I don’t want to burn these over 4x. I’ve been useing dvdxcopy xpress so I cant adjust the burn speed through nero like I can with dvd shrink. Is it recommended that I go back into omnipatcher and change the write strat to correspond with the media every time I change medias? Thank you any help will be appreciated.

No, every media has it´s own burnspeeds. The changes you made will only effect RICOHJPNR01.

I think the max speed for your RiTEKG04´s and current firmware is 4x, so no need to worry about burnspeed. The quality is an other matter though. :wink:

BTW, why not save the files right after DVDxCopy-crap finished the transcoding and burn them with DVD Decrypter. Then you can set the burnspeed to lower rates.

I didn’t say what I really wanted to in my first post. I would rather burn the ricoh g04’s at 2x since they don’t perform near as well with my set up as the ricoh’s, so should I reload omnipatcher with the g04 write strat and set max burn speed at 2x then reflash my drive? Thanks for the reply.