Changed from TDK to LTR Quality question

I have a TDK VeloCD 32/10/40B and have changed the firmware to the LTR-32123S drive XS0z firmware… It seems to be working just fine except for burn quality… I have been doing a surface scan in Nero to check out the quality and it’s all over the place. It will give me some almost perfect burns and some with many yellow “damaged” sectors. These discs still work just fine but it concerns me. It will give me different results with even the same image file… Do you guys think it’s the fact that I changed the firmware or is it bad media or should I just not worry about it? Any help that you guys can give would help. Anyone had this problem before?


The firmware might just be detecting things differently. Have you checked out any old disks burnt before flashing?

Yeah, they seem better before the switch. I it sure is nice to have the ability to burn w/o amplifying weak sectors… Anyone experience this problem? Is switching to the Lite-On bios going to let me copy anything that I otherwise could not with the TDK?