Changed email cannot log in




i changed my email address for my troy512 account. i received the verification email, i clicked the link to verify my new email address. i was taken to cdfreaks registration page, however do not see where to enter the activation id. there is a second link to copy and paste, so i did that as well. still no where to enter activation id. when i try to log in i get the DO NOT HAVE PERMISSION message. :frowning:

please help.



thank you for moving the post to the appropriate forum. :flower:


Sorry Troy but Liggy and Tax are your best bet. Hang on


Hi Troy.
It should be fixed now and you should be able to login with your troy512 account.

Sorry for the problem you had.


much better. thanks Dee :kiss:


glad to see i was not only person to struggleā€¦perseverance pays!


just changed my email address again, went smooth this timeā€¦ :slight_smile: