Changed Burners having issues

Hi Everyone,

Where to begin…
I have 4 duplicators , All had pioneer 109’s or 110’s , A few have started to die out on me so naturally I decided to change them out. The only burner from Pioneer out now is the 115 version. So I changed them all but now when I duplicate I get imperfect disc’s. As in rings or “Burn” marks. Where before it was a smooth purple color , but now its light purple with darker purple. I hope you understand what I’m saying.:confused:

Just in case this is needed.
The duplicators are on 450-550watt supplies.
I have one 1-9 ACARD [Updated firmware to see if this would help]
ACARD 1-3, same issue if I put all reader/writers are 115
Wytron 1-7 same problem
and a brand new one I just bought because I was thinking my controller cards were the issue so I bought a VinPower 1-11 and guess what same issue. Very imperfect dvd’s. Now these discs go out to clients that use them to sell homes [biggest client] and I can’t have them come back. The thing is the disc don’t actualy fail.
The room temp is ambiant, the fans all work so I know its not a heat issue., as again once I put the 110’s back in all is good. :sad:

Sorry for the long winded post but I can’t type nor spell. :o

Edit: I burn at 4time and I use Ridata 8x dvd’s

@ trevlan,

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Have you ensured that your Pioneer DVR-115’s have the latest most current Firmware (Version1.18).

Ritek Ridata Media has a rich well-documented history of being problematic Media with know reflectivity and degradation problems. Informed knowledgeable experienced users avoid the use of Ritek Media. Suggest obtaining known proven quality error free Media such as Taiyo Yuden or Verbatim Media that has a strong proven track history of consistently producing quality error free results.


The rings just reflect a change in laser power, usually due to Z-CLV write strategies and the write quality may still be good.

On the other hand, Ritek 8x DVD-Rs have serious degradation problems (as mentioned) and should be avoided at all costs.

Thanks for the replies.
I have used Ritek/ridata for many many years. Yes they are not perfect but I get them for a really good price for one and again I haven’;t had major issues with them, overall they have been good to me I have used them in the pioneer 108 , 109 and 110 both DL and non DL. It seemed once I went to the 115’s.

BJKG- The 115’s are loaded with 1.13, do you think 1.18 coould be the trick? And I mean what do I have to lose by updating the F/W.
The thing is I tried loading the new 1.18 but I just can’t seem to do it, ---- I burnt the exe file to a cd. loaded it into the Duplicator went to Update hardware F/W and it says failed, not F/W update on disc.
And when I try to use the computer to do it, It does not reconise the 115’s… argggg. lol

@ trevlan,

In light of my #2 posting and Forum Member Architectonic comments concerning the quality reliability of Ritek Ridata Media and your original #1 posting comments “Now these discs go out to clients that use them to sell homes [biggest client] and I can’t have them come back” your #4 posting comment concerning Ritek Ridata Media quite frankly doesn’t compute. Bluntly - Ritek Ridata Media is crap garbage Media. Suggest seriously considering my comments concerning the use of Taiyo Yuden or Verbatim Media.

If you desire the optimal performance from ANY DVD Burner it is always prudent to ensure that the DVD Burner has the newest most current up to date Firmware.

Pioneer DVR-115D v1.18 Firmware is available from Pioneer ->

The DVR115_FW118EU.EXE is a self-extracting achieve file which unpacks to files R115.exe and A0014001.118. The R115.Exe file is the Flasher and the A0014001.118 is the Firmware. Use both the R115.exe and A0014001.118 files to flash your Pioneer DVR-115D to version 1.18 Firmware. If for some reason you are unable to flash your Pioneer DVR-115D in your Duplicators suggest temporarily installing your Pioneer DVR-115D in a normal computer and conducting the flashing procedure and then re-install in the Duplicator.


Ok so I was a little contradicting…lol.
So I updated all the burners. same thing.
I tried VERTIBRAM dvd-r and SONY dvd+RW , ONLY 2 i COULD FINd
The vertibram slowed the burners down at 4x I mean I had to kill the burn as it was taking 10 hours… ok 9 and 20min lol
So I tried the sony, seemed to work pretty good and disc was perfect, so I went back to the vertibram and tried 3 burns and at 6x, came out beutiful, Now the problem is, dvd+rw is no good for me to use, and the vertibrams cost me 15bucks for 25 when I get the ridata for 11bucks for 50cake. ouch. So all in all it looks like it is the disc. which again is wierd because I never had issues like this before with the ridata.
But then also the ridata I always get is a white label 50cake these were red label;s. Could they be fake? or a lesser make? They don’t even tell me if its 8x or not…
Well I’ just wanted to thank you for the replies.

Good night

@ trevlan,

All Ritek manufactured Media have know reflectivity and degradation problems no matter in what DVD device they are used in or how the Media is Boxed or Packaged. Ritek manufactured Media is crap garbage Media ONLY suitable for landfill usage. There is no magic way with DVD Burner Firmware Flashing or some magic voodoo trickery to turn Ritek manufactured Media into quality reliable Media. Ain’t gonna happen.

If you desire Quality Error Free DVD’s for your clients that “I can’t have them come back” then you are going to have to use known proven quality blank DVD Media.

If you are in USofA quality top of the line Taiyo Yuden Media (in many circles considered the absolute BEST Media available) can be obtained at reasonable price (100cake for approximately 25 bucks) from Rima.Com ( SuperMediaStore ( and MeritLine ( are also sources of ether Taiyo Yuden or Verbatim Media.

A word of caution – don’t causally state “Disk Was Perfect” unless you actually use a software diagnostic utility program similar to N e r o CD-DVD Speed ( or DVDInfo ( and perform a Disk Quality Scan, ScanDisc Surface Scan, and/or CRC (Cyclic Redundancy Check) on your “Disk Was Perfect” burned Media to ensure that in fact it is “Disk Was Perfect”.


Hi Again, So I ran the CD/DVD NERO test, I’m not sure how to interprit it.
It has a yellow and green bar, The yellow stayed stright at about 3.8-4 line it dipped once around 3.5gig to about 3.5-3.6 The green went from 3.8 and climber all the way up to 8.10 with a dip at the 3.5gig mark. avg was 6.09x
Type = CAV
Seek times
random = 133ms
1/3 = 158ms
full = 301ms
CPU usaga
1x = 7x
2x = 13x
4x = 25x
8x = 50
Burst rate 24mb/s
recognition time 0.02sec
load time 15.54 sec
spin up 0.01 sec
spin down 2.20sec

Hope that makes some sence to you bud.

EDIT: FYI - The media used was RITEKG05

best off screenshotting it :slight_smile: , ritek u deffinately are asking for trouble on that one

EDIT: My pioneer 215 rings ritek G05 to hell so does my benq :slight_smile:

sigh time limit gone lol but heres trts on my traxdata Ritek G05 and traxdatas considered a good brand of ritek , theres no need for me to do the benq imo plus the pioneer doesnt pick it up

@ trevlan,

It appears your #8 posting data is a N e r o “Transfer Rate Test” and not a N e r o CD-DVD Speed “Disk Quality Scan” and/or a “ScanDisc Surface Scan” of you Burned Media

Suggest reviewing the N e r o CD-DVD Speed User Guide ( for detailed information on how to perform a Disk Quality Scan and/or a ScanDisc Surface Scan of you Burned Media to ensure that in fact the Disc is a quality error free Burn. The Disk Quality Scan and/or a ScanDisc Surface Scan is the test that reveals the true Quality of Burned Disc and any CRC (cyclic redundancy check) Read/Write errors that might exist on the Burned disk which would cause “I can’t have them come back” playback errors.

The CD Freaks Pioneer DVD Burner Forum posting titled “Pioneer DVR-115: Post your scans and questions here” ( displays Disk Quality Scans of various Media Burned in a Pioneer DVR-115D DVD Burner.

By the way RITEKG05 MID (Manufacture ID and Media Code) Media is absolute crap garbage Media. Do yourself a favor and throw ALL your RITEKG05 MID Media in the tRaSh cAn.


[QUOTE=trevlan;2079967] FYI - The media used was RITEKG05[/QUOTE]


I had to throw out hundreds of Ritek G04 and G05 discs as they were no longer readable (they were perfect after burning, but most were unreadable after a year, some were unreadable after only 3 months).

DRIVE DOES NOT SUPPORT THIS FUNCTION., I get this error when I try to do the NERO disc quality, The burner is a 107D pioneer in my computer.

@ trevlan,

Unfortunately some DVD Burners do not support Disk Quality Scanning.

Although your Pioneer DVR-107D doesn’t support Disk Quality Scanning you can still use the N e r o and/or DVDInfo diagnostic software program to ensure that your Burned DVDs do not contain any CRC (cyclic redundancy check) Read/Write errors that might exist on the Burned disk which would cause “I can’t have them come back” playback errors.

In N e r o CD-DVD Speed perform a “SanDisc surface san” – in DVDInfo perform an “Errors” check. When performing either a “SanDisc surface san” or “Errors” check, ALL sectors should be Green (Good) indicating a quality error free Burned DVD. ANY Yellow (Damaged) and/or ANY Red (Bad) sectors indicate a flawed error Burned DVD which contains CRC (cyclic redundancy check) Read/Write errors which will ultimately lead to an “I can’t have them come back” playback error Burned DVD disk.

As a quality control assurance check suggest occasionally performing a random N e r o CD-DVD Speed “SanDisc surface san” and/or DVDInfo “Errors” check to ensure your Burned DVDs don’t contain ANY CRC (cyclic redundancy check) Read/Write errors that might exist on the Burned disk which would cause “I can’t have them come back” playback errors.


Thx BJ and everyone else for your help and support.
I have gone back and checked tons of DVD the 115’S produced. They have all come back GREEN in the test. But I am concerned about the “RINGS” are rings a bad thing or not? I have seen the rings on ocasion before and thought it had to do with heat issues and the burn process. But again NERO check came out green on everyone I checked.
But because you’ve been helpful I desided to grab some taiyo yuden’s 8x silver top batch coding GG007061 then it has 4 small numbers 0917 , and I can seen some numbers letter on the inside plastic rings part. But here;s the thing… THEY don the same thing. Rings, about midpoint of the burn sometimes one sometimes a few.
So I ask this, Am I being paranoid with the “RINGS” or will it cause issues in some players or future?

Again I can’t thank you enough for taking the time to help me.

Pioneer drives write all 8x media at 8x Z-CLV, which will produce those rings.

Some 16x media that might be locked to 12x max, and 8x media that is allowed up to 12x, is also written with Z-CLV, which will produce the same rings.

Pioneer drives also have a fairly frequent WOPC, which can often change laser intensity and such, producing a number of visible rings throughout the burn. It’s nothing to worry about.

@ trevlan,

Note that you have only performed an N e r o “SanDisc surface san” and not the more intensive and revealing Disk Quality Scan of your suspect Ritek Media.

It is a well-documented PROVEN fact that Ritek manufactured Media has serious reflectivity and degradation problems. The Ritek reflectivity issued will be fully apparent when conducting a Disk Quality Scan.

Note Forum Member Architectonic #3 Z-CLV write strategies comments concerning your “Rings”. Your Pioneer DVR-115D is burning your DVDs in CLV (constant linear velocity) and your “Rings” are when the drive is shifting speeds to maintain the constant Burning speed.

If you desire conducting the more intensive and revealing Disk Quality Scanning suggest replacing your Pioneer DVR-107D and obtaining a DVD Burner that supports Disk Quality Scans. Suggest an IDE Lite-On DH-20A4 series or IDE Lite-On DH-20A3 series DVD Burner which supports N e r o CD-DVD Speed and DVDInfo Disk Quality Scanning. An IDE Lite-On DH-20A4 series or IDE Lite-On 20A3 series DVD Burner is available at NewEgg ( for less than bucks.


Perform a TRT and perform a Qualityscan with a Liteon or benq.