Changeable faceplate for 3500AG?



I have a white 3500AG burner. I bought a new all black rig and the 3500 looks real out of place. Is it possible to get a black faceplate for my burner?


Possible, but I have had luck painting the plate with satin finish hardware store paint.

If you take your time and do a few thin coats it looks stock.


this thread mite be of use, see post #4 for a guide to painting the faceplate.


I’m too scared to spray paint it. Might end up damaging the drive. Can’t I purchase a faceplate somewhere? Even a faceplate for some other drive will do as long as it fits the 3500.


I believe you would take it off to paint it so it doesn’t damage your drive :wink:


i have the stock blk face plate from a new 3540A i just bought,if you really want it i guess i could sell it to you…i replaced it with a Asus face plate


See PM I left you this date (if you’re within the USA, I’d trade the black off my 3500AG for yours — I’m in the opposite boat as you but same effect).