Changeable bitrate in convertxtodvd v

i swear by the conversion quality and speed of divxtodvd…i had no internet for sumtime so i didnt know abt the latest version of convertxtodvd and its change from divxtodvd to convertxtodvd…when i knew, i shot to the vso site and got the latest version demo……i wanted to make my 3d tutorial videos into the dvd format and put all the 3 parts in it…pushed the convert button…it got done pretty soon and i was glad tht it still is as fast as it was earlier…

all the 3 700mb files had been converted to an output size of 2.2gb…which is strikingly amazing…

but when i noticed the quality, i was crest fallen because, even though it was far superior to every other app around, it was in the scenes where a lot of action is involved where it got sooooooo pixellated…i was also sad to find that the bitrate change option had been scrapped off…

i had selected the other option of HIGH QUALITY/SLOW ENCODING on…

so i was expecting super high results.i dont mind if the size goes to 4.3gbs but the pixellation has to…please do something about it…please dont ruin my favourite convertor…

please please help
any help will be thankful

Hi there,

I never convert more than 2 avi on a DVD5 when I use HIGH.

Quality must be already good in the input file, you can’t invent quality.

I sometimes reach 4gb with 1 .AVI file sometimes, so it must be the quality of your input file ? !

Lots of people are amazed of the new High Quality.

My 2 cents…

:a my source file is high on quality. the bitrate of original file is 2200kbps…
so what do u make of that?

when i used divxtodvd, i cut put literally 5 avi files in one DVD5 with minimum bitrate of 1800kbps…

the problem i wana use convertxtodvd is that divxtodvd doesnt show subtitles on my dvd standalone n that is why i wana see if convertxtodvd has a new subtitle engine or sumthn of that sort…

i duno y the subs dont show on my player…the language was correct so wat cudb the problem…

i tried playin that dvd in my pals player n as shocking as it may seem but the dvd itself dint play let alone the fact that subtitles show or dont.

a kewl software with a chink in its armour ???
or is it just my standalone :((
mine is a hyundai dvd player,got it for free frm sum aunt.dont wana buy a new one as this ones workin fine with normal dvds…its just with written dvds that it creates probs…

i used to use tmpgenc n dvdlab pro in conjunction to make n author dvds…but the subs in those cds flicker by coming right in middle of the screen n going back to its original position at the bottom…about 100 times in a second…while this same dvd plays real fine at my pals place with all subs in place…

m i a victim of bad technology…

Hi there,

v2.0.4.104 has been released

Some subtitles issues were fixed, specially with Hebrew etc…

Hi there,

Here’s a message from a VSO Official regarding the Quality Settings in the new ConvertXtoDVD:

first of all, the bitrate settings in V1.99 (low/med/high) has been removed as it could cause some problems with extreme values, or too similar (with the new engine an incorrect set of values may lead to floating point exceptions…). furthermore, from the feedback of our users, only a few of them know what to put in these values, and what the benefit/problem of a given set of values.

So to keep the software as simple as possible, here is the rule we use to set the values (valid for ALL the quality settings) :

  • minimum is always 0 - some other values cause out of spec streams
  • maximum is computed with the audio bitrate, to make sure that the overall stream will not be >= 10800 kbps
  • average is computed to make the whole encoded data fit in the target size (DVD-5, DVD-9 or whatever size in MB you enter).

So, what is changed between each quality settings is just the quantizer scale, that take the value 1, 2 or 3 for high, mid or low quality. Explaining the exact effect of the quantizer scale is rather complex, to simplify the higher this value is, the less complex the resulting picture, so it compresses more efficiently and faster.

So all the difference between the 3 quality settings will be much higher if you have a very good quality source, with much details and complexity. On the opposite, with a low quality source, there will not be much difference between quality settings.

Also, as the algorythm adapt itself to the target size, it’ll always try to reach the computed average bitrate, but may not manage to reach that value - because picture is not complex enough, or because it’s already at the max bitrate.

No matter the quality settings, you should be able to put up to 4 hours to a DVD-5, it’s just that if you do so with high quality settings, you’ll have an richer image sometimes, but not as good looking as with medium quality. and if you put 2H on that same dvd-5, then high quality will give you a better viewing experience.

We did the choice to simplify the bitrate settings, and replace 3 values that means nothing by one qualitative value everyone can understand. Once again, we kept in mind that ConvertXtoDVD has to be very simple, and still with the goal to achieve the best possible viewing experience.

Hope this clears some questions ?

i got 6 n half hours of video in the 3 700mb files…so technically (And according to what the VSO Official had said) itll degrade the quality of the output file if it goes beyond 4 hours…

so by considering the above, i would state another problem------ my total output size of the dvd of 3 movies is 2.22GB…so why the hell doesnt it increase the size and give me better picture…the size is literally HALF the target size set in the control panel,that is DVD5…so dont u think this is a lapse on the behalf of the VSO guys…

i hope im making sense to u guys…

and 1 more thing that i noticed is that during the conversion of the same files, at da bottom, i could also see that the AVERAGE VIDEO BITRATE was just 530kbps…

the MINIMUM AND MAXIMUM BITRATE option should have been retained…
it is just so impossible to get the quality i used to…

i dont want convertxtodvd to R.I.P. so soooooon :((

sorry i dint include this in the last post…

i got the new vso convertxtodvd version… and converted it again…

now gues wat convertx does…

i removed the 3rd file so that made it 2 files of 700mb

the bitrate of output gets increased to 1245kbps average…

and output files r 2.85gb…

so where does the problem lie.

the big question that arises is that



Curious, do you have the engine set to HIGH QUALITY ?

It’s weird on how happy I am about it, and you seem to hate it more and more everyday :stuck_out_tongue:

I guess it’s true, you can’t please everyone :flower:

lol cougar dude its not personal between me n convertx…all i can tell u is that u wud understand only when ur favourite software turns its back on u…

i dont mind the pixelled output i got coz of exceeding 4 hours…but there HAS TO BE A VALID REASON for it .

dont u think convertx should increase the output size to fit properly to DVD5…n that mainly is the reason the option og HIGH QUALITY is given.i do have HIGH QUALITY selected.

u dont know how much im missing the bitrate setting input dialogue box.wat a silly reason to scrap the so important option ----we want to make the software easy to use so that a layman can understand wats goin on in the software…

all i can do now is sulk…u may ask Y…but i think ive got a valid reason

I also notice that picture quality seems to have dropped in ConvertX. There’s a lot more pixellation on fast scenes and pixel shimmering/crawling on still scenes. If you convert the same thing in ConverX and DivXtoDVD, DivxToDVD will make a larger file and have better quality.

It seems very strange that ConvertX will take the trouble to make a 1.5 gig output while leaving most of a DVD blank. DivXToDVD will at lease use more bitrate and will fill more of the DVD but will look better.

If the space is available on the disk, I would like to see ConvertX up the bitrate and make the picture look better. I’d happily have a file of 4 gigs instead of 2 gigs if it mean better quality and that extra disc space would be wasted otherwise.

I tried to convert 3 High quality (960X544 with AC3 5.1) episodes of a tv show about 42 min each and . Everything went well but each .vob file it makes is about 800 megabyte and in total of 3 episodes were 2.28 Gb. The quality is bad with pig pixels. I have chosen best quality, why it doesn’t use the capacity of whole 4.7 Gb DVD. Thank you.

Hi there,

If you wish to proove that ConvertXtoDVD outputs the maximum bitrate, use High Quality, and change DVD5 to DVD9.

Has all the space in the world, and it will probably output the same size, since it didn’t fill a DVD5 in the 1st place.

If you convert some files, and you end up with around 4200-4300mb ConvertXtoDVD might have lowered the bitrate so it will FIT that DVD5.

Then selecting DVD9 should make the output a little bigger.

It’s one test I have not done yet, but this is how the quality selector, bitrate calculation is done !

Latest Results:

I tried to convert 4 High quality (960X544 with AC3 5.1) episodes of a tv show about 42 min each and I have chosen best quality.

Results:410mb/episode, 1,68 Gb in total.

So, 3 episodes: 2,28Gb…4 episodes: 1.68Gb

why it doesn’t use the capacity of whole 4.7 Gb DVD.

Hi there,

This would need to be an answer from a VSO Official :cop: , since I do not know alot about video formats and encoding :disagree:

All I was told from VSO is it will output the maximum bitrate possible, from the provided input file. :bow:

Sorry I can’t comment more since I do not have those answers :sad:


Here’s the CDR-ZONE thread of this issue:

to be investigated in a future version, but did you summit this on the technical support and not only in the forums ?

And what do I do if I end up with something too big to fit on a DVD5? What’s the point in having settings for DVD5 and DVD9 if you have to select DVD9 when you want to fill a DVD5 ? :rolleyes:

Like I said before, all you have to do is convert the same thing with DivXToDVD and ConvertX. ConvertX makes a smaller file with less quality. DivXToDVD makes a bigger file with better quality, and both fit on a DVD5.

ConvertX should have “use best quality to fill DVD” setting that uses up to the maximum bitrate of the files selected for input in order to fill the chosen DVD.

I think tying in the video bitrate to the sound bitrate is a mistake, because people will often sacrifice bitrate on the audio in order to make the video better and still be within given file limits. Maybe that is why ConvertX is making worse quality conversions?


And what do I do if I end up with something too big to fit on a DVD5? What’s the point in having settings for DVD5 and DVD9 if you have to select DVD9 when you want to fill a DVD5 ?

People are complaining that ConvertXtoDVD will not fill a DVD5 even with 4 .AVI files.

My responce was: You can’t invent quality, ConvertXtoDVD outputs the maximum bitrate it can.

Again, if I use DVD5 and my projects outputs about 4200-4300bps, ConvertXtoDVD probably didn’t offer me maximum bitrate, because it had to reduce it to FIT the DVD5.

This test would show the same input files output 4300mb and let’s say 5600mb, to show the output file in full maximum bitrate.

It’s just test to show what ConvertXtoDVD could output with the same files.

And again, if your 4 .avi outputs 2800mb, regarless if you choose DVD5 or DVD9 ou custom size, ConvertXtoDVD has provided the maximum bitrate the engine can, since it didn’t fill the DVD5.

Man, I’m getting lost myself :bigsmile:

Like I said before, all you have to do is convert the same thing with DivXToDVD and ConvertX. ConvertX makes a smaller file with less quality. DivXToDVD makes a bigger file with better quality, and both fit on a DVD5.

Now this is a surprise to me :eek: since I am told the new engine in High Quality should almost double the bitrate.

And it did for me in size :stuck_out_tongue:

DivxToDVD = 2.1 gb
ConvertXtoDVD= 4.2 gb for the same file :clap:

Can I see the difference ?
No :disagree: , I do not personally see the quality difference, since I aint a video expert.

Maybe the new engine threads certain types of file differently than DivxToDVD, and again this is a question a VSO Official :cop: could answer.

No one is asking to “invent quality”. People are asking that quality is not reduced when it does not need to be reduced. If there is plenty of space on the disk, there is no need to reduce the bitrate below the maximum, yet ConvertX does this. The problem is that this obviously impacts image quality to a threshold where people can easily notice the difference between the output of DivXToDVD and ConvertX for the same input files.