Change Your DVD+R/DVD+​RW/DVD+R DL Media to DVD-ROM



I recently purchased a Lenovo USB Portable DVD Burner 43N3264 (Lenovo USB_DVD_Burner5 2L32)

I have an older DVD reader, from 2005, that does not comprehend a DVD+R DL disk. I need to switch the booktype/bitsetting to DVD-ROM on disks being burned from this burner for this to work. Many DVD burners do this automatically for DVD+R DL disks but this burner does not.

Is there a way to do this?

I’m not above modifying the firmware myself, any help there?



You won’t bitset DVD+RW media to DVD-ROM…otherwise trouble will appear.


chef in his post he specifies +RDL

So Tim, try imgburn ( their is an option to set the booktype in the drop down menus. This is only if your drive supports the option though. If not, you can buy a burner for ~$25 and an external enclosure for ~$25, as long as its a modern drive it will allow setting the booktype. Here’s one that should be fine LITE-ON USB 2.0 External 24x DVD Writer Model eHAU424-08 LightScribe Support