Change write speed?

HI.Iam useing ritek ro3 8x media ,would liketo change write speed to 12 -16x useing the media speed edit tool , ican find the ritek ro3 on the list, the next one down is RITEK r04- 8-12-16 x .i am not sure how to do this,as it my frist trying this,if ijust have to click on it or what.Icould usemore of guide on this . thanks for any help tou can give me . xbill

There is a usage section in all vendor specific MCSE threads, e.g. in the Benq or NEC forum. Since you have a Liteon 1635 drive and the Liteon checksum issue is not solved yet, swapping media codes will probably not work as it should.

When i put in liton fw all the media codes show up ,i am just just not sure what to click on t o change from my8x r03 002 to to one with higher speeds.How do i procide from here. I does reconize the fw… I would use the omni patcher but it dosen.t reconizethe didnt have any media for my shw1635fw ysow .mabey they haven.t up dated for it yet, thanks for the reply and any help ugive a noob.

Have you read the Usage Section as suggested ?

Idid but am unclear as to the propper steps to take. iwill go over it again and try to figer it out.thanks

Ritek R03 media is no longer as good as it once was. The last batch I saw would only turn out a half-decent burn at 4X. It never was a great 8X media and a lot of burners locked the speed to 4X to deal with Ritek’s “generous” speed rating.

Going above 8X is a recipe for disaster, in my opinion.

This is from the NEC thread, but the Liteon usage is the same:

1/ Download the firmware you want to modify.
2/ Start MCSE.
3/ Load the firmware .exe or .bin file.
4/ To increase the write speed, double click the media code you want to change and select the write strategy you want to use instead. This is a bit of trial and error. Check the Changing NEC DVD±R write strategies (results thread) to see if your modification has been tried before.
6/ Save the firmware.
7/ Start the modified flasher or flash the .bin file.
8/ Reboot.

And as already said, the latest Liteon drives use a checksum which MCSE currently does not recalculate, so I assume burning will fail with patched firmwares.

Media Code Speed Edit by ala42 Changelog page.

Supported DVD writers:
All Liteon DVD drives from 401 to 1693 (and their Sony clones) -verified support for LITE-ON DVDRW- SHW-1635S YS0V:This was in the Speed Edit changlog linkin mcse tool :.Ihave up dated FW to ysow. As it is supported do you think it will work ,or will it kill my drive.

It will not kill your drive, but it might not burn as it should.

Can you change it back if it doesn’t work.

To change back just flash with the correct, unmodified firmware.

Thanks for your time .iwill let you know what happens,if an when!

I used mcse to change write strategy in my litonshw1635s -FWysow,useing 8 x ritekro3 burned this at 12x will try a few more to see how well it works,How does this look.