Change Username

Would it be possible to change my username to CDRecorder? Thanks! :slight_smile:

You best PM Da_Taxman for this.
If the name has not already been taken, he has no problem doing so.

Thing to keep in mind also is that a change of username also changes your loginname…obvious no doubt, but never hurts to mention this.

Thanks for letting me know; it’s always good to know all of the facts!

Thanks for suggesting that I PM Da_Taxman. I’ll definitely do that!

As you can see, it has been done.

Next time you login, you have to use this username.
Furthermore, it would be nice to leave a message in your signature, so that people know who you were…

Thank you, Da_Taxman! I really appreciate it!

As you can see, I have indicated my username change in my signature.

You’re welcome.

Your previous name didn’t have to be this big…but hey, that is entirely up to you…it was no more than a suggestion on my side, you are also free to ignore it

My decision to change my username came mainly from a particular discussion that I saw elsewhere which grew into an argument over which brand of drive was the best. I then decided that, since there are good CD-RW drives other than those made by Lite-On, I would change my name to reflect this. Thanks for your comment, though; I really do appreciate it! :smiley: