Change the cd serial number in an ccd image


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ok my question is. i have develop a program and now i want to make a copyprotection for it. my idea is, that i read the disc serial number and check it in my program, but the problem is, that the number changes every burn.
I think the number will be set in the imagefile.

Can someone say me how i can burn images where the cd serial number will not change ?

thanks for all.


I am unsure of what exactly it is you are trying to accomplish here. If you burn a serial checker into a cdr, then it can not change, it can only change if an algorithm exists during the installation of a software, but this has nothing to do withthe program you developed. Can you be more elaborative. You can try to see if the software supports understanding unnatended install rules, but thats somewhat unlikely.

BTW, this should be in General Software Forum.

you have agood idea to protect the cd i have the same idea but i didn’t do it yet but i think that serial number should be uniqe so you may try to change the serial number in the protecting file every burning session i know 2 ways to know the serial number of the blank cd the first i tried it worked but it with written cd show a serial number differ with the one vol command showing it is by anti-lost cd ejector , the second i didn’t tryed yet it is in that link
and i hope you tell me about that coping protecting.


How about this, install your own “serial number”. By that, I mean generating a program that can tag some serial number you generate onto a CCD image and have it write to the lead out. Then, as part of the program you protect, you have it read the CD at the position you placed your serial number at and validate that it is a valid serial number.

Just a thought.

Why does this sound so familair? :stuck_out_tongue: