Change the *avi movie files I have to VCD

Hello. I joined this site mainly cos it seemed like a good site for the questions I have plus I’m sure I can learn alot about the things I’d like to use my computer for.

I downloaded Nero 6 last night because I want to change the *avi movie files I have to VCD(I don’t have a dvd burner and I can’t find anyplace to download one) and when I try to burn a VCD I immediately get the error stating that it needs 990-1119MB of cache room and such. Does it really need that much space or did I do something wrong?

It states that its going to use the default space…that being my window’s harddrive’s TEMP folder/cache and it has 200MB of free space. I deleted so much stuff to get that and I still get an error asking for over 1000 MB space.

btw I did use the search and everything…

Can anyone tell me what I’m doing wrong?:confused:

oh yea before I forget. I have a movie file that has an *mpg extension. can I play that on a dvd player?

Hi there Jane Lane , welcome to the forum.

First of all , i changed the topic “hi” into “change the *avi movie files I have to VCD” , because “hi” doesn’t give anyone an idea what the hell the topic is about.

.AVI files can be anything , from animated pictures (lots of .GIF stacked to each other) , to highly compressed movies (Such as DivX).

Nero needs a lot of space to convert your .avi file to a VideoCD standard , which is Mpeg.

Regarding the question about the .mpg file… I really don’t know. Some dvd players can , some can’t. Check your dvd manual for more information about this.

But most dvd players can play the VideoCD format , so if you fire up Nero and tell it to make a videocd of your .mpg file , it should be no problem.

Thanks for changing it…sorry

Um the avi files I have are of compressed movies which are about 600 - 700 MB…can I do something about the cache because I really can’t get 1111 MB of cache space for it and I think there must be a mistake.

How do I configure Nero to use its own cache instead of my Window’s TEMP?

also thanks for the tip on the mpg. The thing is I was thinking mpg is baically the same as mpeg and since mpeg is more or less the format for VCD…it would play in a DVD player…I don’t know.

I’d say; get an extra HD, because you really do need that much free space. Nothing you can do about that. And Nero using a it’s own cache? It’s about the space on the HD…it doesn’t matter if it’s in the nero dir or in the temp dir.

Originally posted by Jane_Lane
I was thinking mpg is baically the same as mpeg and since mpeg is more or less the format for VCD

Which is true. A VideoCD uses the MPEG standard.

Brief explanation about what the hell Mpeg is

The Moving Pictures Experts Group have made this standard ( = ruleset = protocol ).

The (very very very) basic explanation is , that the protocol compresses images. (All movies are in basic a lot of images with sound). With MPEG , you can choose various gradations of compression. There are two kinds of compressions :

1 : Lossless compression ; Compression without quality loss when compared to the original.
2 : Lossy compression ; Compression WITH quality loss.

In the case of MPEG , they’ve come up with a very smart kind of compression.

Imagine you have this movie about a car moving on a road and want to compress this with the MPEG standard. This basically is what MPEG does :

a) It takes a look at the very first frame and keeps it that way. It uses this frame as a reference.
b) It takes a look at the second frame , compares it with the first frame and only saves that part of the image that CHANGES.

Say for instance that the first frame shows a road without the car and the second frame shows the road with a car on it. The first frame stays intact , but to show the second frame , you just need to “add” the car to frame 1. This saves an enormous amount of image data (around 90%). If lossy compression is used , you can even save up to 99% of data. (This is called motion prediction)

If you would like the exact details and lots of technical mumbo jumbo about it , then check here.

The VideoCD standard

A Video CD is a kind of CD. It looks the same as a music CD or a CD-ROM, except that instead of music or software, it holds movies, using compressed MPEG-1 video. Its resolution is 352x240 (NTSC) or 352x288 (PAL), which is roughly comparable to VHS.
More information can be found here.

Why the bloody amount of disk space ?

If you have a movie from a different format than above , some program must decompress and recompress the movie into the MPEG standard. This is why it takes an enormous about of time , processor speed and storage.

Tmpgenc can comvert avi to mpg for vcd.

DVD2SVCD has an easy avi to vcd/svcd/dvd conversion feature.

Ok thanks guy I was able to get alot of space by deleteing some large unnecessary files I had forgotten about before.

Um I used nero express for an *avi movie file I have and it converted it to *nrv
I’m confused…what is that?
By the way…isn’t nero supposed to change it to mpeg (vcd) then burn it onto my empty disk? It didn’t do any of that…and I did read the userguide.

I’m gonna try that dvd2vcd link though. I just wanna know that is the *nrv file I got instead…is that another form of a vcd or something?

nrv? do u mean .nrg (which would be nero’s image format)?