Change subtitle position without re-authoring the DVD?

I came to appreciate DVDSubEdit for its great on-the-fly subtitle editing capabilities; unfortunately, the program causes persistent playback glitches on my two standalone players (see this for specifics), which means that for the time being I have no choice but not to use it.

Any other programs out there that allow to adjust subtitle position without having to re-author the DVD ?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

I thought the latest version fixed all of that. Have you reported your problem to the author on Doom9?


Edit: I see your link points to your thread at D9. Sorry. (I remember the thread now).

Seems your mail did not get through (maybe post the INI in your thread at Doom9 as an attachment or just as a quote).

BTW: This actually happened to me when re-authoring a menu I had made. The SPU did not display at all, even though it was definitely there (no visual glitch though).

Anyway, to answer your question, have you tried, demuxing after editing and remuxing with muxman (a bad mux is often the issue with this sorta stuff)? Or converting the subbies to SRT and using Subtitle Creator?


Jean got the mail in the meanwhile, he emailed me back. I guess that there’s no immediate, easy solution for this as we’re not sure about what causes it exactly.

Post re-authoring will likely fix it, but it takes away from the whole point of DVDSubEdit - on-the-fly sub editing without having to reauthor stuff. I know how to author subs through the whole demux-convert-remux process, it’s just not as handy when all you want to do is, say, change the vertical alignment, which is why I came to love DVDSubEdit.

Thanks for the feedback.

Yeah - I agree that the OTF editing capability is sensational.

Good luck.


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