Change S0HW 16335 FW BYX5 >?

Recently tried Sony.710A.BYX5.patched-cf-mcled.rar on a virgin 1633S (never flashed). The firmware updated but find it just does not burn the cheap discs. Today I burned a CMC MAG. & FUJIFILM03 and while it looked as it had burned I could not read in my PC. Trying other discs like MUST 003 did not even start to burn and TTG02 produced numerous errors. Can I just reflash with 1653S.CS0P.patched-cf-mcled.rar without doing anything else? I used the BYX5 by just launching the .EXE and the flash installed without issue but I am rather confused about cross-flashing and if I need to uncross-flash. If anyone could recommend a good firmware that is more compatible with cheap media that would be ideal.

On a personal note, wow this drive is picky! Are all LiteOn’s like this? I mean I have old NEC1300A which burns everything I throw in it and gets really nice Quality Scans in CDSpeed to boot. Don’t mean to insult LiteOn fans, maybe it is me.

BYX5 works best with my 710a. if you want to flash to CS0P, get the patched flasher from the codeguys’ site.

I guess my question should be, is the CS0P have better compatibility with cheap -R media?

@ The Diggler

I flashed my 1633 with BYX5 and it works fine, just like it did with BS0R, BS0S, CS0P and CSTR. My drive was not so happy with BS0C (came with it), CSTJ and CS0M. As you see, every drive react different. As CS0P has more mediacodes, it could mean that your cheap -R mediacodes are better supported. Give it a shot, try CS0P, you’ve got nothing to lose.
BTW, why worry about cheap -R media? You’re better off with quality media, and in the end it’s cheaper too.
Happy burning.

@ chok0

Flashing my drive with BYX5 I discovered that the booktypesetting went back to +R. Flashing a LiteOn firmware it always stayed at the DVD-ROM setting. I used the patched version and changed the ID to LiteOn. When I want to make it DVD-ROM again (with Booktype 135), is the setting stored in the EEPROM as it is with LiteOn firmwares?

:iagree: Leo

i always set the automatic bitsetting in omnipatcher. never tried byx5 with the booktype util. but as i bitset all + media, the auto bitset function is really helpful.

@ choc0

Just loaded BYX5 in Omnipatcher again. Don’t get it. On the tab “General patches” I see Fix bitsetting support (checked and gray), Enable auto-bitsetting (unchecked and grey). I cannot check it. Does it mean I have to get the non prepatched version, and patch it myself?

:confused: Leo

@ choc0

Downloaded the stock version, and patched it with following items checked:

Fix bitsetting support (booktype saving ON)
Enable auto-bitsetting
Use a multi-color led scheme
Disable the signal for the IDE activity indicator light
Fix the “dead drive blink”/Enable crossflashing

I assume this will do the trick?

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yes, i’ve used the same options.
but now i’m a happy 1635s owner :slight_smile:

@ choc0

Thank you, I’ll flash it. Have fun with your new burner. :bow:
Unfortunatelly I have other priorities, so I can’t afford it yet. I think I would buy a 1693 though.

:wink: Leo

the 1635s bulk was cheaper than a 1693s, which i could only find as retail package in the stores. so i bought a 1635s with black faceplate for 33€.

@ choc0

The cheapest I see in Holland is € 45, and the lightscribe versie € 55. For retail versions € 4 more.

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Hi gentlemen,

I also am confused with BYX5 (stock version).

If I apply the bitset patch in omnipatcher, then the booktypesetting should be set to -R and Nero should burn + media automaticly with the patch?

Am I doing something wrong?

problem solved…