Change region

I bought a drv (driving lesson region2) The problem is I have only region 1 dvd players that hook up to my tv. I want to copy this dvd and change the region on it to region 1. I want to be able to play it on my home dvd player(dvd-vr330 by samsung) I have down loaded dvdfab pro and I also downloaded dvdidle pro I have icopydvd2 . I don’t know what the heck I am doing!!! but, I do know I need to change the region and change pal too. I need a complete hand hold through this. I can buy a dvd player for $81 so I don’t want to invest anymore then that. Is there an inteligent person out there that can help (walk me through)me with this? I don’t have a clue about ripping or anything HELP!!

Darlaharper :bow:

Welcome to the forum. This site:
has a few guides and walk through sites on what you want. Changing the region is not hard but if your player will will not convert PAL you have a lot of work ahead of you.

it looks complicated but, I will try and let ya know how it goes.

May also want to check this out :bigsmile:

Rather than convert PAL to NTSC, I would buy something like the following:

Or another DVD in NTSC format.


Hey Mack that looks like a great buy… “NICE” find


you know that is a great buy on a dvd player I think I will buy it and then try to convert this dvd for fun.