Change region code

hi everyone, i’m new to this, so here goes! :o
i have a few american region 1 dvd’s (the outsiders, being one) which will play ok on my computer an one dvd player, but not the other, what i want to do is make a copy for myself so i can play then on my region 2 player (it cant be made multi regional, so i’m told) any ideas?
i’m a bit lost as how to go about it :confused:

There are two main ways to do this.

The free way.

  1. Use DVDfabDecrypter to rip the contents of the original Region 1 disk to your hard drive. Then if needed resize the output to a DVD-5 with DVDshrink. Set the output in DVDshrink to ISO format. Then burn that outputted iso with IMGburn.

This even though is free, is still an excellent way to do this.

Or option 2.

Buy AnyDVD and CloneDVD from slysoft.

AnyDVD in the background removes all region protection and copy protections on the disk without you needing to do anything.

Then you can rip from the disk and compress if needed and then burn all with CloneDVD.

Both ways are great and are recommended.

There are many programs availble that allow you to change the region code or make it region free. If the movies are not too old DVD Shrink will do the job plus compress it to fit on a single layer disc and its free. DVD Fab Decrypter may be needed needed to be used first to remove the copy protection if it is a fairly new movie. There is also a free version of this too. Check out the “Copy DVD” forum on this site to learn more.

:bow: cheers, what a fast answer, and it works great, both of them thanks :clap:

Good! Any questions about any of the programs let us know. :wink:

The third one is to flash your drive with a region free firmware.