Change Region Code of DVD-writer?

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I have a newbie question here: My region is actually 3, but when I tried to use DVD shrink to open a region 1 disc, it tells me that my DVD-writer can only change the region 4 times. How to prevent this(Allow unlimited changes). Any answers will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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There are some ways of doing this. The most direct way is to flash your drive with a hacked firmware, but this can be risky. An easyer way is to use AnyDVD. Give that a try and get back to us :slight_smile:


Hi, thanks alot, I have heard of AnyDVD before, but I prefer to hack my firmware. Problem is, where to find it?(firmware that is). My DVD writer is the TDK DVDRW1612DLB.

The best place to ask is the firmware section, start a new thread (but dont just copy this 1) and ask if anyone knows a site/person that has a R0 hacked firmware for your drive.


looks like your drives is a rebadged liteon

You can find a solution here: