Change Philips DVD+RW 208K to DVD+R/RW228?

Is it possible to change a Philips DVD+RW208K writer to a Philips DVD+R/RW228? Can I use the firmware of the 228 or will I destroy my 208? Can somebody help please? tnx

I don’t think that this has ever been tried. If you think it is worth the risk, then try it yourself and report the results.

Well I took the risk :frowning:

It looked bad, because the drives own Philips flashtool didn’t recognize the drive anymore, but then there was light! The RWflash-tool with the firmware-upgrade 1.61 with rpc1 let me reflash the drive and then it worked again.

BTW, there is a possibility to repair a seemingly damaged flashrom:

Read this from Philips itself:
If an error message occurs after flashing retry flashing with “for factory use” jumper removed. This jumper is situated on the back of the drive. After succesful flashing replace the jumper again and reboot the system.

Still hope to be able to enhance this drive to a +R/RW-drive. It most be possible because I read somewhere the following:

All DVD+RW applications will allow for the usage of DVD+R discs, including PC drives and DVD+RW video recorders, except for the first generation of DVD+RW PC drives. First generation DVD+RW video recorders need a simple firmware upgrade.