Change of new forum skin?


This white in white is hard to distinguish - white/colour differences are too subtle like this screen here… the text/edit box is nearly indistinguishable from the background.


As far as I know at the moment there isnt any option to have a different skin, I also do hope that soon we will have the option to have a darker (or different) skin.


@Millennium12, If you mean text like ‘Type here etc’. and ‘choose optional tags for this topic’, then that is intentional and you will find it on a lot of site. It’s called a placeholder and it’s part of the HTML standard. The idea is to give a hint what it does and to disappear as soon as you start typing.

If you mean other things, then let me know and I can look into it, I’m very open to make changes where technically feasible!

  1. The whole text editor (create new topic) is very low contrast and
    hard to work with
  2. The framing of this same editor is near invisible and for the text
    boxes - Type here and Preview barely visible

a higher contrast skin would def ease the pain

again… I attached a screenshot and think my point is fairly obvious -
this looks like a junior school design



Look at the AMD forum which seems to be the same forum software but contrasts are much better.


AMD uses jive for their forum.


Forum software nowadays are all looking the same ,right!

Dominator’s email to me suggests they can change it


@Millennium12 while it’s a bit personal and for me clearly to read, I understand your point, there is a lack of contrast. That’s why feedback is so important, to get an idea how others experience the same thing :wink:

I will work on it tomorrow, let’s see if I can make it better! To be continued :wink:


@Millennium12, didn’t have time today :frowning: Tomorrow the entire day is scheduled to work on the forum, I hope I can get things improved for you (and others who probably feel the same).


@Millennium12, I did some changes now. The icons on the buttons are now black instead of grey. When you hover over them, there is a lighter green color.

I’ve also changed the title of the thread you reply to (above the button bar) to black and made it bold. And I also changed the texts ‘cancel’ and 'hide preview’ to black from the light green it was before.

As stated before, the Type here and Preview texts are placeholders, and I can’t change that color (and I shouldn’t as it placeholders are common across the web and it would go against what people are used to).

I hope this is an improvement for you?


The root problem is monitors in_full RGB mode_ while Limited RGB looks
fine when I switch to it!
Apparently the forum software is very old stuff hence the colour scheme
is unsuitable for full RGB mode/monitors.

In case you can switch your monitor to full RGB mode … just look at the
edit(or) box and you will see the vast difference no?!

There are a few other forums out there with the same problem like:

I hope you can now see what I mean? Lemme know




Unfortunately I can’t see what you mean, I also think that’s an issue I can’t resolve.

The forum software is actually very new (else we wouldn’t have switched obviously ;)) and uses CSS like any other website to set the colors. I tried to search on the internet on webdesign and full RGB mode, but also couldn’t find much directions so I can make appropriate changes :frowning:


Hey Domi,

here are some references

and this is how it looks in the driver section

But I see your unwillingness to do anything hence Goodbye from me


I could be wrong, but I think @Millennium12 is saying the borders on the text box could be darker. Here is a screenshot I took of Myce:

And here is an example of what I **think** @Millennium12 wants, although I could be wrong. my GIMP skills aren't the best, but I this picture works for the sake of this example. Basically, the outside of the text box is darker.

Or, it could be that @Millennium12 dislikes the overall flatness of this site?


Actually I see no text box frames at all (in the editor) while typing this reply but I see your silverish frame in your post very well. The frames only visibly display in Limited RGB mode for me.

Okay, I am not interested in following this any more and btw my vision is a perfect 20/20 on both eyes and I have no colour deficiencies :wink:

Most forums out there display fine a few do have exactly this problem here…


In TCP, it is the responsibility of the “sender” to make sure that your packet is received and understood, ergo, it is the responsibility of the poster to write in such a way that the reader, ANY reader, can understand what message you are trying to convey. I have no idea what you are trying to convey other than you are frustrated but don’t have the ability to articulate it.

Today is my first time on the new software and I find it quite different but I am going to try and articulate what I don’t like and see if modifications can be made and being a long time member, but a minimal contributor, I shall hang around and try to put my view forward. I shall also do it without throwing all my toys out of the bassinet and storming off in a hissy fit.

Dom, appreciate what you are doing and trying to achieve. I hope I can be of assistance in some small way. :+1:


It actually makes a big difference having the icons in black.

I still can’t understand why the default is grey.


OK, it seems like “limited” RGB mode limits RGB color values to less than 236 and greater than 15. This post explains exactly what @Millennium12 is talking about. On displays that limit the number of colors, the site just doesn’t look right. Why modern displays would limit the colors like so is beyond me (maybe it’s more power efficient?), but apparently that’s what’s happened to @Millennium12.

I’m still not sure what Mill wants changed, though.


I am not going to repeat the display problem is under Full RGB not Limited RGB
This forum software has been created for Limited RGB hence…

no need to discuss anything…



Oops. I guess I misread your post.

Anyway, if you’re no longer interested in this discussion, I won’t beat the dead horse anymore.