Change my user name



I have not used the forum for years because their never was a way to change my screen name. When I first set up a log in, I was a new PC user. I did not intend for my whole real name to be my screen name. I thought the set up was asking for my name. I tried in the past to set up a new screen name sjg. It took, however when I go to log in it tells me that administrators have blocked my access. Can anybody help? If I need to talk to an administrator, how do I do that?


You’ve come to the right place to make this request, though none of the administrators are online at the moment. If you’ll post what user name you want here in this thread, I’m sure they can change it for you.

The name you choose will have to be unique…not in use by anyone else at the moment, so click on Advanced Search, then Search by User Name and see if the name you want has already been taken. If you get no results for that name, it should be available.


What I can do is to merge both accounts (I’d use the one you used here as the target user) and then rename this account back to sjg. This way you would have username sjg with your current password and email.

The reason your other account is not working is because the link in the activation mail was not used, so the forum software is still waiting for email confirmation.


Thanks Liggy. Please do that and let me know when I can use the forum and show as user name sjg. Will I then sign in as sjg or Steven J. Germano??
Thanks a Mill.


I’ve just modified the users. You now have to login with sjg and the password you had for “Steven…”

In case you’ve got problems with your user, please drop me a PM