Change My Name Please!



this is confuzzling my brain…

what was everyone’s name before i read this thread?


That is what people are trying to leave behind…and really doesn’t matter…does it? :wink:


Well … to start with … Sexy Southerner’s previous name was “The Sexiest little thang in Tax’s harem”.

Obviously it was changed due to spelling errors that Americans tend to perpetuate.


Hey now “harem” now that wasn’t nice debro :rolleyes: Do i hear Brian Adams tune “Cuts Like A Knife” playing?


Oooh! A song I haven’t heard!
I’ll fire up P2P right now :stuck_out_tongue:


“Look out look out” like the late Little Richard say’s in the TV commercial here in the USA :bigsmile:


For someone who has irritated me for as long as I can remember (Little Richard) I have to admit that commercial makes me laugh every time I see it! :bigsmile:


:bigsmile: “Some body help me” Me too :clap:


How did this thread go from changing user names to changing titles?


Debro hun it is so nice to see you finally are learning the slang :wink: it just warms my lil ole heart to no end :iagree:


Me me me and zebadee (although i’m not speaking for him). I’ve been bad at being off topic lately :doh:


<<<< Custom User Title: “Amo Del Asunto”


Can I please have my user name changed to vinman if this is at all possible, as this is the name I go by in the dvd community and would appreciate this very much if you could do this for me!


There already is a user called vinman. According to the email addresses, it could have been you who registered this name back in 2003. If you can provide a proof that you’re the one who registered the old name, it should be possible to merge the accounts - at least I hope so :o


you have PM


You probably joined in 2003 and forgot about it Vinny. I am sure Liggy will straighten this out. " chinch " just doesn’t fit you. LOL.:bigsmile: :bigsmile:


Im sure will work it out one way or another! Alan
Because Im the best from the east Im a wild and crazy beast Im the Vinman!! lol!!! :iagree: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


I don’t know about all that, but I do know you are a good guy.:iagree:


thought I would get a laugh or two from you he!he!he!maybe a number after the name could work will wait and see!
Thanks for the help my friend!


Just replied