Change My Name Please!



I’ll always remember one time in the LR ages ago when someone called you “Deborah” - I think it was in your “Defrag” thread (yes, I have a good memory) :wink:


I’ll pretend i didn’t see that post :stuck_out_tongue:


Off Topic:
I was 22 years old when you were born. My nic is older :smiley:
I was with a gal from Aussie about 9 months before you were born maybe your my long lost son :doh:


And you just wish he hadn’t found you :wink:


Well i never said that…i was waiting to see what debro replied with :rolleyes:


Are you suggesting that you are my daddy?

That is wrong on soooooo many levels.

At any rate, I’m sure my father would argue, but only my mother would ever truly know :wink:


Off topic again:

Got yeah… No i was just kidding but i was with an Aussie gal around that time. Her name was Kiwi for real.


I only know one Kiwi, and her names Anna. She’s cute though :wink:
Maybe we are related … we both had a thing for Kiwi’s :wink:

Aye … I vaguely remember that it was a letiled modelatol … I couldn’t hazard a guess which one though … I have a memory like a rusty sieve :iagree:

People, in real life, with English as their first language, obviously have no excuse, have also made the same mistake, but I have not mentioned their mis-pronounciations, as I wouldn’t wish to draw undue attention to their obvious deficiencies. These people are often the type which pronounce the name “Daniel” as “Danielle”, the former being predominately male, the latter predominately female, except in the case of lower-socioeconomic areas where the majority of the population have literacy issues.

Unfortunately, these people often aren’t of a lower socio-economic background, and can only have the excuse that they are from the upper-class, also known as the criminal class to the rest of us, and feel that there are no situations or actions which could ever possibly affect their carefree amble through life.
Often these carefree people invariably find their lives full of excitement after they realise that their PC and email account have been used to forward offensive material to all the employees, of the opposite sex, in the company … but their PC has mysteriously been formatted following the mass mailout :stuck_out_tongue:
And the IT support department, usually the “Danielle’s” in the company, are the people they are forced to turn to find an amiable solution to their predicament.

I personally find it easier not to deliberately rub people the wrong way and let everyone live happily ever after in their own melancholy existence :stuck_out_tongue:


… that was long!!!

a nice lecture :bigsmile:


looks like Debro has been around Tax too much…


Looks like you to have been around Tax with Guru title and no 4500+ posts :stuck_out_tongue: :bigsmile:

Makes me feel scrutinized :frowning: What have i done?


actually i got this title when i was approaching the 10,000 mark before the game thread was born…but now you opened your big mouth…and they took it away from me…i was Tax’s woman before :wink: do ya want that title too Rolling?


That’s uncalled for :rolleyes: Do you[B] not[/B] think i had lost quite a few posts to GU threads? Look at my Join date and then look at yours :wink: I was only pointing out the title changes not just to you. Sorry you took it that way :confused:


Everybody relax and have some coffee … and when I say coffee, I mean Sex.

And like coffee, the best comes from Columbia (apparently) or South America at any rate :wink:


:bigsmile: I’m relaxed and don’t drink much coffee but i do have a lot of the other :iagree:


hey i’m loquacious…:wink: :iagree: …but i did have a custom title till someone cough Namoh cough complained so much that Tax took it away just as fast as he gave it to me…


/me wonders what happened to the CDFreaks red-head circus clown with the funny complaints.


May I remind you that you requested me to remove it… :wink:


Smokin’ !!!

Namoh was just jealous that Tax wouldn’t give it to him :stuck_out_tongue:


well yes i did …you did get a lot of questions about it…:wink: and since I value our friendship i did request you change it to the default at the time…but seeing how your all-knowing and all-powerful TaxMan my title is always at your mercy :bow: