Change My Name Please!



I’ll have a go at this change…

Checking “dennisolof”…

Making the change now… Done.

Your old username will no longer work for the log in, so if you have any browser set to remember passwords, you’ll need to update the username.

Note that existing posts with quotes saying “Originally posted by Dennis_Olof” such as the Albert’s post above will continue to show your old username. The same goes where users said “Dennis_Olof” in their post. This is also why most forums don’t allow users to freely change their username as you can imagine the confusion particularly if the new username is completely different.


Sean, yeah I understand if there are leftovers in the system, not a problem did not have that many posts and it is not important anyway.

Great, logged in and everything worked fine.

Much appreciated, thanks.

All good, great.


please change my name to “allsmiles77”


[QUOTE=allsmiles77;2786600]please change my name to “allsmiles77”[/QUOTE]
Your username has been updated.

When you next log in, you will need to use allsmiles77 as your username login as your original username will no longer work.


EHello i am madmax but forgot my pass and email is long gone

Have registered under this name but want my old account back

This is one of my old posts if it shows