Change My Name Please!

:confused: By Mistake I typed demoinaco666 and it was demoniaco666, it was too late when I found out that I typed it wrong. I did not want to created another account because that is waster of Account User Data Base. Please Help!!!


:bow: thanks TAX man!!! That is Awesome! \m//(o)\m//
This place rocks

Change my name too, please? I want to keep my user status and #posts. I would like to be “Melon Bread”.

Is it so hard to choose the right name when signing up? :wink:

Fixed it, hope you like it.
Be aware that your login has changed accordingly.

Hey Tax hun…I was wondering if I can get a different title…seeing how i’m not chatting much anymore :slight_smile: …just the defaut if a custom would cause more problems with people like you know whooo…??? I’d be ever so thankful…

Default set…

LOL @ that title!

Thanks Tax…

Aww, it just said “Custom user title” for a bit!

Administrator! Administrator! I need a slight tiny little change to my new name if you please-I want “melonbread” instead. My humblest of aplogies for the pestering but it has to be just right or I will feel all sketchy and weak.

Wait this is better: “Melonbread”. Sorry-thanks.

I should charge money for this… First time is free of charge, second time USD 50 and USD 50 extra for every next change :wink:

they could just sign up again free tax :stuck_out_tongue:

And you don’t think I’d notice with IP tracking? :wink:

Can you please change my name to Da_Taxman??? :bigsmile:
The power that’s in that name overwhelms me… :bow:

If that’s impossible,I will be happy with “philamber”… :bigsmile: :bigsmile:


:iagree: :bow:

I have decided that using my real name on posts is probably not a good idea. Would you please change my nickname to “Uncle_Flappy”?

Thanks for your help!