Change Menu Highlights?

I need to change an existing menu’s highlights.

I already extracted and edited the relevant highlight track, and have the resulting 4-bit BMP that I’ll be using as the new highlight. Now I only need to replace the current highlight with this one in the disc structure.

I’d like to do it efficiently, without going through countless hours of fiddling with dozens of different complex applications.

Any suggestions are appreciated :cool:

Do it with DVDSubEdit. It can do all of this in place.


Do Jeh Sifu ! :bow:

If that means “thanks” then …


It means “Thank you, master!” in Cantonese, mate. :smiley:

So maybe I should stop with the kung fu flicks for a while :eek: :bigsmile:

I particularly liked Kung Fu Hustle. It rates as one of my top 50 movies.