Change local drive from f:\ back to C:\



Hi, Every one. I have not posted in the forum for a very long time. My question is unrelated to Clone dvd or any dvd. I have a computer that I use for testing difference software that I down load etc. I had to format my hard drive a few months back. I used driver washer to erase my hard drive. When I re installed windows xp the main drive became F:\ At the time I had a 100mb zip drive in my pc. That became the C:\ dive. I unplug the cabe from the 100mb disk drive and re booted the pc. But the main drive still is F:\ Can some one tell me how to change F:\ drive back to C:\ drive?

Thanks in advance
Mr.Bill :bow:


You can try in the mmc (management console). Under “disk management”.
C: has to be released first, then you can bind C: to another device.


Any body esle have any other ideas. What I can do to change this local drive back to C:

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If F is you OS drive then no there is no way as you can’t change an active running drive. I don’t think this can be done in the bios either.

I had this happen to me once so I just did a reformat on windows.


O.K. Thanks Dr. Who. I thought there was a way for me to do this with out reformatting the hard drive. For now I will leave it as is.

Mr.Bill :iagree:


No problem it would be nice to do but you just can’t while on that drive.