Change laser on Mobile CD-ROM PCMCIA?

Hi all,

I have a Toshiba Mobile CD-ROM PCMCIA that is not working good. It cannot read burned CD’s at all. Is it possible to replace laser in it? I would appreciate any info on this matter.

Thanks :slight_smile:


That’s for Toshiba technicians to do for you. At least, Samsung and LG do that for consumers in South Korean service centers.

Cool I’ll speak with Toshiba then :slight_smile:



They always react better when met face to face. I prefer visiting the centers myself on site rather than sending the drives alone though usually the shipping’s free. The Lite-On distributor in South Korea provides 100% shipping-free for their Lite-On drive RMA when the consumers choose to send through which the company does business with. I used to visit Samsung service centers in Gwangju and Seoul for phones, hard disk drives, CD-ROM drives, etc. and they were nice and helpful for most times.