Change in insert link?

Has there been a change on how “insert link” works? I can’t seem to do a PRESS HERE that takes the user to the link?

>Click Here< to get to the CD Freaks Forum.

Works for me :confused:

There has been a slight change. Type the text for the link (like “Click Here”), highlight that text and press the button to insert the URL. More comfortable than previously :slight_smile:

example: PRESS HERE

with the old way I would press “inset link” paste the link and enter PRESS HERE something changed.
example.,239035839,339272329,00.htm Press Here



[PRESS HERE](,239035839,339272329,00.htm[/URL)


There is something wrong. That normally should look like this:

[PRESS HERE](,239035839,339272329,00.htm)

Did you create the link manually?

And about your edited:

[,239035839,339272329,00.htm](,239035839,339272329,00.htm) Press Here

Is working somehow. But the “Press here” is outside the link.
Try the method I described in post #2 please.

Press Here

Thanks I got it now, old people have problems with change.

[QUOTE=CCRomeo;1934997]Press Here

Thanks I got it now[/QUOTE]Fine :slight_smile:

this is just a test :frowning:



i also struggled with it, i never got the option to enter any text like PRESS HERE, like what it used to do, two parts to it, first was the URL, second was the text (or vice versa)