Change in burn quality

Finally got my NEC 3500, and have been doing some testing with it. I’m still abit of a noob with this…so bare with me! :bigsmile:
My first burn with my new NEC 3500 using herries 2.17 firmware on TDK +R x8 (RICOHJPN02) was really good as shown below.

So after a day or so I decided to give Maddog’s 2F8 firmware ago and didn’t get the same results (tho close) as shown below.

I then reflashed back to herries 2.17 firmware and pretty much get the same now as above. Is this good or bad now the PI is abit higher than my first burns before my firmware changes? The only thing I can think of that caused the slight change is the media as i’m using my second tub of TDK now.
Oh ya, I even tried the drive in my second computer (same software), and gave the same results. :confused:

Most likely caused by the 2nd pack of disc’s.

Everbody is always talking about these “Ricohjpnr02” discs.
I bought some Philips 8 speed DVD+R’s with these mediacode, but they are not what i expected.
There is a huge diffence in the quality of these Ricoh’s and these Philips are one of the worst.

8X burn on my 3500 with 2.17 fw.

And another 8X burn:

Not to mention a try at 12X:

hmmmm…I’m guessing it’s the media, as the first batch I had burnt great. I’m going to test with other media when I can. Funny thing is my Lite-On burns my second batch almost the same as my NEC does!