Change GPU to different PCI-E slot?

Would it mess up anything to change my graphics card to a different slot?Because my motherboard has 2 pci-e slots it only has 3 regular pci slots for other cards.I want to rearrange things for better cooling and easier wire management.Windows Vista is sort of sensitive to adding and removing stuff.I have an ASUS P5K Deluxe mb,the BFG 8800 card is so fat it makes my only free pci slot unusable.My soundcard is right next to my powersupply and crowding the front panel slots(usb,pled,1394 etc.)My case is a Antec 900,which has the power supply on the bottom.If I can move the GPU to the lower slot I’ll have more space and better able to use all the resources on the motherboard.Any advice?


VGA cards need a PCIe 16x slot to operate properly. Please check your motherboard manual if there are other PCIe 16x slots available. Also check your manual, if there are any limitations regarding these slots present.

Installing the VGA card in a PCIe 1x or PCIe 4x slot is not a good idea at all btw.


The P5K Deluxe 2nd slot is only a 4x PCIe v1.1 slot and so will cause the graphics to run slowly, if at all (dont think the mobo supports a single card in that slot without one in the 16x slot)

You could go for an aftermarket cooler to make the card thinner but you will still be left with only 2 PCI slots usable (although the long 8800GTS does also block the top 4 SATA ports but 2 are usable with right angled plugs and if you can find some left handed plugs you can use all 4 blocked ones).

In the end I swapped to water cooling and my 8800GTS is now a single slot cooler and allows more overclock and full use of all 3 slots.

Quakrz idea is the only one that may help. My PC is the same P5K Deluxe, Antec 900 Gamer and the XFX 8800 GTX. Unfortunatly there is no other way to configure your GFX card or sound card for that matter. My sound card ended up in the same position as yours no matter what combination I tried. Your cooling should be great with this case depending on your fan setup.