Change firmware A207 to A206

Can I change a LG 4082B A207 firm to an A206 one?. Are there any problems to downgrade firm?. The original firmware of my 4082B was A201.

I´m having problems with de last firmware and i would like to try the firm before it.

Thanks in advance

No, there is any problem, I downgrade firmware from A104 to A101 on my 4081B.

thanks :wink:

A friend of mine found that after installing A207, DVD Xcopy ver 3.21 stopped working. He said he wasn’t able to reflash back to A206. I’ll try to find out if he meant he thought he couldn’t downgrade and didn’t try, or if he tried and failed.


I asked my friend what happened. It turns out he was confused, he had read that the LiteOn firmware update program prevented going back to a previous version and thought that was also true about the LG update program. He didn’t try to revert from A207 to A206.

No problem ;).

How did you downgrade your firmware from A104 to A100?

He said A101. If you have to get back to A100 you’ll need the A100 Original firmware on our page and the DOS Flasher from one of the RPC1 DOS packages.

Brother Vlad

Thank you TheDangerousBros.:iagree:

Been having trouble with my LG burner ever since I upgraded the firmware to A104