Change DVD+r to DVD-rom?



Hello everyone,

Does anybody know how to change book type with Samsung DVD-burner SE-S184M Extern Retail from DVD+r to DVD-rom?



You don’t actually change it. Your drive must be capable of bitsetting, and you can bitset the +r, as -rom. You just need to see if your drive is capable of bitsetting.


Ok, how do I check if it is?


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I just went to look at the Review on that drive and the link is dead for now. Google that drive model and see what you can come up with best i can tell you.

Have you looked to see if the discs you have burned are bitset to DVD-ROM?

Here’s the Samsung forum at CDF’s.


Yes you can booktype for DvD+R to DvD-Rom.

Here is the review done by Wendy Collins.

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Flashing a hacked firmware to your DVD burner is another way to make it change the booktype. I have a NEC 3540 burner and I flashed a hacked firmware which allowed bitsetting on DVD+R, RW, and R DL, plus other modifications such as region free setting disabling riplock. Liggy and Dee make hacked firmwares for NEC drives, but I’m not sure if there are non-OEM firmwares for Samsung drives or where to find them. Try Googling it.


Does that review say anything about how to change booktype? Im quite a beginner in this area and when it comes to burning so really I do not get much of the information. Will I better try asking in the samsungsection? Actually I hardly know what booktype is, it was just one guy who recommended me doing that in case of burning a movie from a disc to another.


Actually I think I solved it. Thanks guys!


Hi guys,

I have the same issue: I have a SE-S184m, however am unable to change the book type on imgBurn. It says ‘Success’ when I change it however, it doesn’t recognize the current setting as DVD ROM.

Do any any of you guys know a resolution. Thanks in advance!


If you look at this page she has a pic of a BenQ 1640 or 1650/55 box but is talking about a Lite-On and an Optiarc :bigsmile: cracks me up when i see it.


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Have you tried to use Nero CD-DVD Speed?


Thanks for the reply!

I tried Nero CD speed and the same thing happened, won’t recognize my current settings as DVD ROM.

Do you think it might be an issue with the firmware?


I would like you to use ImgBurn again, following these steps, then burn a Dvd+R. When it is done, please copy & paste all the information that is in the right hand window in to a reply post here.


Will do - I will try this let you know.

Looking at your screenshots, I get the same thing (gives a success window, but if you see the 2nd line for current, it says (drive doesn’t report it!)

Is this normal?


My Samsungs do exactly the same but the Dvd+Rs that I burn with them get booktyped to Dvd-Rom anyway.


Hi :slight_smile:
With ImgBurn & Samsung. The bitsetting is/can done automatically.


Thanks guys - Beef Barley, it seems that we go through the same process then. Current settings show up as (drive doesn’t report it!). I’m also able to burn, however I’m experiencing some issues when I try to play my burned backup disk son my XBOX 360.

For the first time, the game runs smoothly. However, the 2nd time it runs, it doesn’t seem to recognize the disc as DVD ROM and will say that the disc is unreadable. I will hear the drive running a little differently (as if there’s some dust in there) Eventually the my XBox indicates that the disc is being read as a ‘mixed media disc’.

I have a friend who uses ImgBurn as well but sees the current setting as DVD ROM. I am able to play his burned games fine which lead me to believe there’s an issue with my burn process. Any ideas?

Thanks again for your help!


What blank media do you use & what blank media does your friend use? How big is the file when you go to burn it?


We both used Verbatim DVD + R DL 8.5gb

We also both burned the same file which was 7.05gb

We tested both our xbox 360’s side by side and both had the same result. His discs worked while my discs did not.


Starting to get out of my knowledge zone, because I have never done a game disc. You would be looking for this pic the, not pic #3 in the other thread, although ImgBurn should do it automatically, it doesn’t hurt to do it manually.