Change DVD chapter times?



What would be the easiest/most efficient way of doing it ?

Please don’t redirect me to the good old DVDRemake Pro solution… I was thinking along the lines of editing the chapter times directly at IFO level or something of the sort, if possible.

Thanks for any help :slight_smile:


You can’t edit it at the IFO level because you need the cells to line up with chapter boundaries.

You can use VobBlanker or demux and remux (with a different celltimes). Probably VobBlanker is the most intuitive.



Thanks, I’ll check out VobBlanker in more detail.

I had tried the demux and remux path before, the problem with that being that I then need to process the main feature VOB through VobBlanker to insert it in the existing DVD structure (using “replace”), at which point VobBlanker screws up all my previous chapter editing work because of the way it handles the different chapter tables, apparently giving priority to the older, existing one.

My last attemp on that resulted in a 30-chapter title which ends around the 15th chapter because of the chapter times, the following 15 being blank cells inserted by VobBlanker to the end of the feature during the “replace” process.


Gee, that’s strange - on a replace, if the chapters are more than what you had originally, it should replace them 1:1. If less, then it will pad them out with blanks (due to the menus having to align).

The other thing you can do is to use PgcEdit (if there’s only 1 title to the VTS). Remux and then in PgcEdit use File --> Replace VTST titles on the relevant VTS.



I eventually got around it using a combination of the above… may be that I had previously done something wrong. Heh. Not sure at this point anymore. Thanks again!

Still, I wouldn’t mind a ChapterShrink™ one-button solution for lazy people like myself to easily edit their chapter times. And candy. Yes, I sure like candy :stuck_out_tongue: