Change dvd aspect ratio


I have a movie (Convoy!) that was authored in the wrong aspect ratio. The movie should be 2.35 to 1 but When I play it on my projector in 16x9 mode the picture is squished in, everything looks taller. I can watch it on the projector by changing to 4x3, but I want to watch it on my regular 4x3 tvs also.

Can I fix this with IFOedit? Will I lose the menus? I’ve never used the program yet, but I seem to remember that all I have to do is change all references to the aspect ratio.


John D

DVDs are authored in either 16:9 or 4:3. It sounds like it is in 4:3. If you can watch it OK by changing the AR to 4:3 on your projector, it will certainly play OK on your 4:3 TVs. Make sure your players are set up correctly to match the TVs.

Now the DVD may actually be authored as 4:3 source picture letterboxed with hard mattes above and below the video. Changing its DAR to 16:9 won’t help in this case - you need to change your projector’s AR each time you watch it.

However, in case this is not the situation, open your DVD project in PgcEdit and navigate to the main movie. Ctrl-A and check the video attributes. Change it to whatever you think is right (for example 16:9 letterboxed, or 16:9 pan and scan). Test in a software player and burn.