Change DRX-500ULX to DRU-700A

I have a laptop so I have to have external dvd burners only. My question is that is it possible to remove the drive from the external enclousure and replace it with another internal drive.

I mean has any one tried that. I’m looking to change the drive of my external
Sony DRX-500ULX to the dual later Sony DRU-700A.

Appreciate your insights if this has ever been tried.

  1. Yes, it’s possible. I have my DRU-500AX in USB case.

  2. No, it’s not possible,
    'coz these drives have nothing in common as for their manufacturers and hardware.

Bo i think he is asking whether he can relpace the 500 with the 700 drive in the external enclosure. If there aint no big differences in size i dont see why this couldnt be done.


You are right. :bow: the drives inside just look like a regular IDE Drive; I believe haven’t openend them yet. I would like to replace the drive in the external enclousure as the dual layer sony drives are already in the market.

My question is if this can be done, then how will my pc detect the new drive. * I mean what will be the model number detected?

  • I use firewire as thats the only port I have. Would it work with firewire too?

Sorry for such questions as I’m really waiting to go to frys and pick up one of those dual layer writers.

OK, I get the picture. :slight_smile:

Yes, there will be no problem to swap them,
the new Sony DRU-700 is about one inch shorter and that’s the only major difference in their dimensions.