Change drive id

I’m in broadcast and I have three bad pioneer dvr-105-plx that the id to the equipment is LX-1. Its a dual drive dvd recorder that takes in SDI video (serial digital). Its a pc in side but it won’t come ready if the drives id is not LX-1. Pioneer wants $600.00 each for replacements. My idea is to change the id in the firmware of a pioneer dvr-111 to see if it works.
thanks for any help

You cannot, you won’t ever be able to do that.

I have the same problem with LX1 so I would like to know the following:

  1. Is there a way to dump both parts of firmware off this or any other Pioneer DVR-xxx drive using software or device programmer tools?

  2. Which chip on the Pioneer DVR-xxx drive board usually contains firmware?

A tip to reparke: if only a OPU is out of order you can easily replace it with a OPU from Pioneer DVR-105 or DVR-A05. Actually Pioneer DVR-105-PLX and Pioneer DVR-105/A05 drives are absolutelly identical except for both parts of firmware. So the question is how to dump both parts of firmware?

If anyone has such an experience please write a PM. Thanks.