Change default Viewer

I installed NERO which made became the default media viewer. If I want to make another viewer as default, how can this be done?



Have you already tried to click on a file then select open with… and below there should be a box checked always open with program whatever you’d like.

Any movie or video file I click automatically is opens with NERO. No choice. I know the “open with:” window but it does not appear in most cases.



Another method is to right click on the file and select “[B]properties[/B]” instead than “open with” and the in the button “Change”. Select the app you want.

This should work

Yes and the 3rd method would be to use the explorer look for extras under folder option then look for file type and extensions there you could also change the program.

Ditto :iagree:

In extreme cases, uninstall and reinstall the application you usually use to read these files should solve.

It worked for me with winamp

Great. Thanks all of you.


You’re welcome :slight_smile: