Change Date Format

Is there a way to change the reply date format from European (23-05-2002) to American (05-23-2002)?

Yes, I remember proposing this former date+time format in CD Freaks Forum Talk, but there followed no reaction.
To me, it doesn’t seem a good idea to figure out when exactly that was -
“1 hour ago”, “2 days ago”, “3 weeks ago” ?
If possible, let’s get back to the more precise and convenient old way >

The servers are located in Europe and not America, hence the European Time stamp. As far as I know this is a Forum wide thing and can’t be changed person to person.

Well, at least my Q question is about whether it’s possible or not to change the date stamp
( see the given example ) like it used to be in the former vBulletin,
i.e. e.g. : , and not e.g “2 days ago” or so.

I do try to read the posts before I answer and so I think I was answering Gil T Pleasure’s post about changing the date to the American standard.

As to your question there was a choice in vBulletin Version 3.0.1 setup where where you can pick spefic date eg 01-01-2004 or 1 week, 2 weeks, etc ago and this is what got used.

I hope that answers your question as well.

We’re using European dates as we’re European and US visitors do not account (yet) for the majority of the board. I know this can be a bit annoying for you, but else it would be annoying for others so we had to make a choice. As being used to the current format, it obvious which choice we made :wink:

I’d like to leave the format: 1 minute ago, 1 hour ago, etc. as it is as I think it helps new users who just drop by easier to see how long ago the post was made. No need to calculate how long it has been before the post has been made because that has been done by the server, I think for many it’s easier.

I don’t think that so called new users are not capable of calculating the time,
if they see like “15.08.2004 22:40” instead of “5 minutes ago”.
No need to underestimate your visitors.
All in all, I have already explained my POV, let’s make a poll and see what ppl think of it. That would be FAIR !

Was there a choice ? The current bulletin v. IS 3.0.1, which means that the choice is still there (?).
And as to my question, the question was about if it was possible to go back to the former date stamp,
and not about which features this or that bulletin had.

I believe that the choice can only be made during the setup process as I stated before. I maybe wrong about this seeing Domi’s post about leaving the format as it is which suggests it can be changed adhock as I don’t think he will reinstall the entire forum software again to change one setting.

I guess it should be able to change the format after setup (I think it was already done before), but changing the format on a per user base is definitely a missing feature in the current board version.
I also prefer to see the exact times rather than xx minutes/hours ago, but I’d like to keep the European time format. :slight_smile: