Change burning speed for testing?

I have these old cd-r’s that I bought a long time ago, then were rated at 12x or 16x (that was the fastest speed at the time) but when the 52x’s came out I was able to burn at full speed with no problems. I have some dvd-r’s that are limited to 8x, but I’d like to test them at 16x to see if it’s compatible. How can I identify the disc and modify the burner to burn at 16x? I’m assuming that I’d have to flash or modify my firmware. Thanks.

Sorry about this post, I’m sure you get a lot of this. I just downloaded DVD Identifier 4.2.0. So now I know how to identify the disc, but now the final question. How can I change my burner to test higher speeds? Current burner is Sony DW-D22A with the firmware BYS3. Thanks in advance.

Your Sony burner is a rebadged Liteon burner. According to this, your burner doesn’t support faster than 8x burn speeds for -R media, which is what you said you had. If you flash it with the appropriate Liteon Firmware, it may or may not support 16x with -R media, I don’t know. If you want further specifics on your burner or overspeeding your burns, your questions should be posted in the Liteon Forum here.

Yeah, I remember reading that (the badged LiteOn burner). I’ve read that 12x DVD-R was capable with modified firmware. Any ideas?

I don’t know about the 12x burning speed, it’s entirely possible but you should ask your questions in the Liteon Forum, this post doesn’t belong in this forum. Hardly anyone is going to see your post here, repost or have your post moved to the Liteon Forum. Good Luck

Thanks. I really appreciate it. :slight_smile: