Change Burn Speed in Roxio

I use Roxio to record mp3 files onto a CD-RW to play in my car CD/mp3 player.

When I set up the tracks to be burned in Roxio (and also sometimes in Nero) and when I get to the burn menu, I am only able to select 1 burn speed (which is typically the max speed allowed by the media).

In the CD-RW example it’s 16X - but I prefer, just to be safe, to burn at a slower speed - so how can I choose a slower burn speed (when I try and click on the burn speed menu arrow there is no other choice for speed except the 16X).

With RW media you usually have no choice. If it’s 16x rated then that’ll be the burn speed. That’s just the way it is.

Why would you be using CD-RW’s why not just a cd-r they are cheaper?

Thanks TimC for your comments.

Regarding using CD-RW’s - yes CD-R’s are less expensive but I already have a bunch of CD-RW’s and they provide flexability to re-use numerous times when recording mp3 audiobooks to listen to while driving.

Interestingly I paid less than a buck for the Sony CD-RWs (c/w with case) and the CD-Rs (good quality , eg Sony) cost about $0.40 (w/o case) - so (but not to make too big of issue of this) in theory since you can re-use the CD-RWs many times, these are actually the cheaper ones! <grin>

On the other hand - Is it possible that the CD-Rs would do a better job of recording…? (I often have a problem where I get some short audio glitches at the end of the mp3 tracks, which I suspect may be because I’m recording too fast…??? - or not…???)

The CD-RW media is not as good as CD-R media for quality. After some rewrites it’s advisable to do complete formats with CD-DVD Speed or DiskInfo Pro and often the burn quality will improve.

With CD-R media you obviously have the option to burn slower like 16x for Audio & 24x for data.