Change BookType with Slimtype Slimtype DS8A8SH



Hello Guys,

After some search I’ve found that my Slimtype driver is made by LiteOn, thus, I’m claming for help here and I kindly ask you to correct me if I’m wrong.

The thing is, I need to burn a DVD+R-DL, but firts I need to change de BookType do DVD-ROM. So far, I was unable to do so.

I’ve used ImgBurn, LiteOn BookType App, Nero CD-DVD Speed but none of them was able to change the Booktype.

After some research, I’ve found a topicsaying that Slimtypes can’t change the BookType. Right now I’m about to give up :frowning:

I just wanna know if there is anything I can do to change the BookType of my drive before goigt to a a more expensive solution. Crossflah maybe? Any Hack?

I Thank in advance for any help I can get.

Below are the spec:

--------[ EVEREST Ultimate Edition ]------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Version                                           EVEREST v5.30.1900
Benchmark Module                        
Report Type                                       Report Wizard [ TRIAL VERSION ]
Computer                                          LEANDRO-NOT
Generator                                         Leandro
Operating System                                  Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate 6.1.7601
Date                                              2014-07-28
Time                                              22:42

--------[ Optical Drives ]----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

[ E:\ Slimtype DVD A DS8A8SH ]

Optical Drive Properties:
  Device Description                                Slimtype DVD A  DS8A8SH
  Serial Number                                     KU008BF0212370212EF101
  Firmware Revision                                 KA14
  Buffer Size                                       1 MB
  Region Code                                       None
  Remaining User Changes                            5
  Remaining Vendor Changes                          4

Supported Disk Types:
  BD-ROM                                            Not Supported
  BD-R                                              Not Supported
  BD-RE                                             Not Supported
  HD DVD-ROM                                        Not Supported
  HD DVD-R                                          Not Supported
  HD DVD-RW                                         Not Supported
  DVD-ROM                                           Read
  DVD+R9 Dual Layer                                 Read + Write
  DVD+R                                             Read + Write
  DVD+RW                                            Read + Write
  DVD-R9 Dual Layer                                 Read + Write
  DVD-R                                             Read + Write
  DVD-RW                                            Read + Write
  DVD-RAM                                           Read + Write
  CD-ROM                                            Read
  CD-R                                              Read + Write
  CD-RW                                             Read + Write

Optical Drive Features:
  Buffer Underrun Protection                        Supported
  C2 Error Pointers                                 Supported
  CD+G                                              Not Supported
  CD-Text                                           Supported
  Hybrid Disc                                       Not Supported
  JustLink                                          Supported
  LabelFlash                                        Not Supported
  Layer-Jump Recording                              Supported
  LightScribe                                       Not Supported
  Mount Rainier                                     Not Supported
  SMART                                             Not Supported
  CSS                                               Supported
  CPRM                                              Supported
  AACS                                              Not Supported
  VCPS                                              Not Supported
  BD CPS                                            Not Supported


you may need to crossflash your firmware to get it working. even then, i’m not sure as I have not tried it.

My thread:

the drive is different so don’t flash your firmware with the linked ones.

as for what firmware to flash, i don’t know…