Change BookType on a Sony DRU-710A

Has anyone successfully changed the booktype on a Sony DRU-710A?

I downloaded KProbe v2.4.2, and changed the booktype on one of my discs as a test. Then viewed disc properties with dvd infopro, and it said the booktype was still DVD+R. Does the booktype only take effect after the burn? I’m def a newbie, so maybe this is a stupid question. Any input would be appreciated. (I am in the USA, and got this from NewEgg, so I don’t know if that makes a difference.) (Fireware version BY01.)


The booktype changes after the burn, yes. A better way to do it would be to run your firmware through the OmniPatcher from, and enable auto-bitsetting.

Does this method also work with the sony dru-810? I’m trying to change the sony drive book type to dvd-r. Can someone please help me i’m a newbi at this to.