Change Booktype for TS-L532B

How do you change the booktype to DVD-ROM for a Samsung TS-L532B

First, make sure your samsung drive is capable to be booktyped, second follow this illustration.

Looks like the drive is not capable. Is there a firmware update I can get to add the capability?

You can try ImgBurn and see if it will work. Try putting a blank disc in first. It may work until you shut down and have to set it again on reboots.

ImgBurn fails.

Does anyone know if the booktype can be changed for a Samsung TS-L532B drive?

Looking from your own post obviously not.

What about trying nero cd / dvd speed? I don’t own the samsung drive in question but I was able to do it on my tsst corp aka samsung burner doing so. It’s worth a shot.