Change book type on LG GH22NP20



So I can’t seem to find a definitive answer anywhere on the internet. Is changing the book type to DVD-ROM possible when burning an ISO on my model of LG burner? I have Nero 8 fully updated and all the instruction manuals show that when I select my destination drive there will be an option to change the book type, however I am not getting that option. Also, when attempting to use ImgBurn it too will not allow me to change. I have read numerous posts and some say that I should be able to and some say they are not sure. I am trying to burn an 7+ GB ISO onto a Verbatim DVD+R DL disc. I can get the ISO to burn fine on to the disc but it has a book type of DVD+R DL. The disc can be read by my PC but not all other players. Numerous forum searches point out the fact that I need to burn as a DVD-ROM to circumvent my issues. And that is why I am here, to definitively get an answer whether my burner is even capable. Any help is greatly appreciated.


After searching on the internet, it seems that there are some people who claim that the drive sets the book type as DVD-ROM by default. To test this claim, insert a previously burned DVD+R DL and go to ImgBurn Discovery mode. In the box on the right, you should see the name of your DVD drive at the top, followed by “Current Profile: DVD+R DL.” This will be displayed even if the bitsetting occurs. Scroll down to Disc Information, and there should be an entry for Book Type. If it says DVD-ROM, then the bitsetting was successful and the problem is simply that your DVD player is physically incompatible with DVD+R DL and you need to get a new player if you want to be able to play such discs. If it says DVD+R DL, then the bitsetting was unsuccessful, and I can’t really help you because I don’t have the drive.


That drive - I own its Lightscribe enabled sibling - supports bitsetting to DVD-ROM for DVD+R and DVD+R DL. Verified myself with a DVD+R disc.
Bitsetting can be adjusted with Nero, CD/DVD Speed and Imgburn.

I am not sure if the setting is a permanent one then.