Change Book Type on LDW 401s

Is there a utility to change the Book Type setting on the 401s?
I have tried DVDbitsetter and Nero, and neither one works.


it is not possible with the current firmware.

It will probably never be possible either. Our only hope is that some OEM like HP will request the feature for their OEM drives, then we could use that firmware. Bit setting will never be supported in official Lite-ON firmware so I’ve heard.

why is that?

i figured it would be a good thing as it would make dvd+r more compatible!

For some reason many manufacturers do not like this feature. It is really only helpful when your player is refusing to read a disc only because it is a DVD+R/RW though the player might be fully capable.

i do not have this problem but i have seen enough people that do want it because of that dvd+r will play with the bitsetting to dvd-rom but not to dvd+r

Thanks for the info.

Can we request this feature as loyal 401s owners?

Hrm, I have always pondered all this myself. Why wouldn’t a manufacturer support this feature? What exactly is it about bitsetting that they have a problem with>?

It seems like a totally logical inclusion for the removal of compatibility issues. I asked about all this some time ago and was never given any official response on the matter…

Would it be possible to Hack the Firmware then? My guess is that at least one person on this scene would have the capability to do so?

Wich OEM drives does contain the liteon 411s or 401s hardware? Or isnt there any yet?

The only reason I can think is that the manufacturers of the burners feel that the manufacturers of the players have made the player so that it will only accept DVD-ROM for a certain reason, and the burner manufacturers don’t want to interfere with this.
If you think about it, by not allowing the flag on the disc to be changed to DVD-ROM, the burner manufacturers are therefore not circumventing what the player manufacturer wants their player to do.

I think if anything, the question should be why have the manufacturers made players that won’t accept anything other than DVD-ROM?

It’s amazing how much we like to push the limits … eg circumventing copy protection, region protection, DVD firmware licensing restrictions :wink:


I guess that these players were built, when nobody even thought of DVD+R. Why would someone try to implement something that is not existent.
So the drives only get confused with the booktype-field, although they are physically able to read +R-Discs.
Take the Toshiba 1612 DVD-ROM for example. With the original firmware, it was not able to read +Media. But with firmware which was published later, it was not a problem anymore.
But most standalone-DVD-Players only supply firmware upgrade for the playing part of their drives, not for the DVD-Reader, if they do supply firmware at all.

some were made after +r was made and the manufacturer is anti +r and the drive can physically read it but is told not to.

Anyone want to try this program and report back? It might be too old, but worth a suggestion…


all these programs have been tried… they all do the same thing and this option is not supported…